Scenario 4. A garden for Entertainments – Part. 4

From the all steps, I designed garden room.

<Master Plan>




e-3 e-1 e-2



pe-4 pe-1 pe-3


<Design Explanations>

My first impression of the garden room is symmetrical and classic.

So I try to develop this impression in my design.


First of all, I made herbs garden to represent this restaurant. Although this herbs garden won’t be used for food, when people see this garden in front of the site, it can give images of food. And also, this building is quite classic style, so i designed it for formal style like planting bed. It will be good place for planting because this place has quite strong sunshine.


Secondly, I designed this cube garden feature.

It can be seating place, water feature and planting area. Actually, i designed it for several reasons. First reason is during the day time, people usually close the curtain because of strong sunshine. However, it will be useful for blind it. Height of one cube box is 45cm so it looks quite high. To solve this problem, i decide to make this feature using Litracon material which has a translucent effect. So it will penetrate light but it will be weak then before.  It also can be used for light in night time.

And i plant cotton lavender in here. it will make harmony between classic type of garden room and contemporary style of this structure.

Lastly, this feature can be photo spot for special occasions such as graduation and anniversaries.


For this place, i made secret garden. It was smoking area, but i removed them and put secret garden. It is hedges for hiding this place and plants along the hedges and tree. After people finish their eating, they can go for walk through this road and seat in this garden. I put this features unit as seating chairs. it is fragmenting surrounding the garden room. So each part has different atmosphere but it will be connected by this units


This place is quite dark and humid, so damp plants will be suitable for this garden.


Materials can be chosen bricks, litracon and tomic.

For these gardens will be paved herringbone pattern of bricks. Roads will be paved straight pattern of brick paving. I use limited materials which are from garden room building but put them different pattern.


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