Scenario 4. A garden for Entertainments – Part. 1

New scenario is started.


We got a place for redesigning. 

The site is the garden room. This place is quite familiar with all of us because we always go there. However, it feels so difficult to change although there are many problems.


We met client in the site. From that meeting we got a client brief.


* Client needs

– It should take maximum 200 people into a consideration.

– Keep the avenue and building shape.

-Add terrace and garden.


* Client wants

-Emphasize the middle of entrance.

-Change the boundary of garden room.

-Make herbs garden.

-Put lighting at this site.

-Consider the smoking area.

-Think of three access of entrances.

-Consider enjoyments.


* Client expectation

-Design the site for various people such as children to elderly.

-Think of conference room, garden room and kitchen.

-Think of all seasons and all time.


From this client brief, i start site analysis.





During the site analysis, i got strong impression from the garden room.



Garden Room Drawings.




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