Scenario 1. Splash! – Part 2.

After got comments, I searched about birds which live in the Writtle College and their habits.

* Most common bird species which live in our campus

Black birds

Blue tit, Great tit (They live in the tree and Do not like people, Like water bath)


Wood Pigeon, Dove (They live next to the site)


* Water Feature Design tips to fit their habits

-They need fresh water for drinking and bathing

-Sound of running water will attract birds

-water fountain :

Birds love the sounds of water.

It encourages breeding. Start with a simple design and gradually make it complex.

No deeper than 3 inches. If it is too deep, put rocks.

Sound of falling water is pure invitation to birds, dramatically increasing the number of species that visit a birdbath. Using water fountain or simply dripping.

Good material for birds fountain is cement.

The basis of researching, I drew some of idea sketches.

idea sketch-1 idea sketch3

I chose first design, so I developed this sketch.

water feature-idea2-2 water feature-idea2

Through this design, people can experience such as going through this road, watching birds bathing and enjoying sounds of water and bird’s singing.

clapham-bishops-ave-026-0 water-features-garden-decorationdavidharbersundials4watersculpturepaved-garden-feature 

I was inspired by these designs.

water feature plan copy

After sketching, I started to make model.

modeling-water feature copymodel3

Using form board was difficult because if I want to fit right scale, it had to be very thin and I had to cut it carefully. While I was making this model, I changed my design a little bit. I made different shape of steps below the pergola.

I learned something while I was making model. Imagination of design always changes when it comes to realistic modeling or real features.

If I stuck to create something, just trying making model will be good way to go through this situation. Also, materials can change the design.

I chose some of plants for this place.

For birds, I should plant spiky plants and they have to like humid circumstance. Therefore, I chose Chanomolies, Iris Pseudocorus(for the space which is below the pergola), Yellow Elag Iris, Salix-willows, Stipa gigantea, Feather Grass, Miscanthus zebrinus.

After class, I got some comment from this design.

In my design, there is dilemma. There is trail in the middle of road so it could be a risk factor. People can trip on the little hole. However, if I cover the trail, it will be hard to clean and birds can not approach the trail. If I remove it, it will be bored design, but if I keep it, it can be risk.

I thought more about my design then I did sketch again. It is just rough sketch though. I needs to think more carefully.

water feature-idea2-1

It was very difficult moment for me. While I was designing the water feature, I learned many things. I need more creative thinking and drawing practice!


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