Scenario 1. Splash! – Part 1.

During the class, we got a list of water descriptions.

It could be feeling, description and situation.

At first, it was divided active and passive


Trickle, Bubling, Popping, Pouring, Rapid, Erupting, Crashing, Hail, Drip, Forming, Falling, Shaking, Tumbling, Spitting, Murmuring, Wave, Torent, Shifting, Cascade, Sloshing, Girgling, Gargling


Evaporating, Steam, Fog, Humid, Condensation, Vapour, Icicle, Frost, Haze, Melt, Amorphous, Buggy, Gloop


Calm, Reflective, Flozen, Maditative, Snow, Slick, Sleek

I chose Falling and Reflective.

I went to the site and observe few times

.20130924_182612 20130924_182533 20130924_182600

I realized just next to this place, there is birds house.


So, I tried to design water feature for birds because I would like to design water feature with specific purpose. This place is quite hidden and abandoned place. Therefore, If I want to make this place more active and living, I thought gathering birds in this place is one of good way.

Also, I have considered about person who stay in front of copying machine all day. If the birds come to this place, people can enjoy the birds playing and sounds. It makes this place more useful and active. They can share this place and enjoy their time well.

I have researched many types of birds fountains and birds bath.

DCF 1.0 article-2051478-0E71763500000578-785_468x455

Through the researching, I did some of sketches.

idea sketch1 water feature-1 copy water feature-2

From these sketches, I got feedback.

At first, I should search about birds behaviors. For example, to design birds fountain, I should think about water features’ depth, materials and shapes. In addition, I have to search about that birds like water falling sounds or not.

Secondly, I should consider connection between garden and water feature.

Good thing in my idea is considering of people and birds together.

I should search and think more and more.


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