Scenario 2. Island – Part 1.

We started scenario 2 which name is Island.

We brought sand and started making island. I should think carefully how the erosive action of my water feature might create landscape forms over long aeons.

I decided making single island but it is asymmetrical and erode away from water. Also, water erosion makes huge cliff and hill on my island.

island-sand copy

It was lots of fun. I did not play with sand for a long time.

Even it was an assignment, I enjoyed a lot! Feeling was cool and it was easy to control because they are a little bit wet properly.

After that, I used a block of plasticine clay to work with.

Beginning of using plasticine was difficult. It was so hard to shape whatever i want. Therefore, I put it near the radiator for 3days. After that, it was getting soft. I started to make cray modeling. Actually, it smells really bad.. but easy to control the shape. To be honest.. it was painful in my arm. Anyway, I like a plasticine modeling!

While I was making model, I changed my shape of island a little bit. It was too monotonous, so I made one more hill, and exaggerate the shape.

plasticine-modeling copy

And drawing!

sketch copy

Actually, I drew the island 4 times. It was difficult to draw because the skin of island is smooth, so I could not express well. I was not satisfied with my I tried agian and again.

sketch3 sketch2-water

It is my final sketch and water drawing. (I tried to draw water realistically!)


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